Emergence by John McCormick, Steph Hutchison and an emerging performing agent, is a duet performed between a human dancer and an artificially intelligent performing agent. The agent has learnt to dance through a rehearsal process with the dancer, sharing the dancer’s movement and style. Emergence sees the dancer and agent co-creating an interactive semi-improvised dance performance. Visualisations of their relationship are projected in glorious Stereoscopic 3D. The neural network based […]

Instrumental sees the agent performer and dancer co-creating an improvised dance duet. The agent creates dance sequences based on the current movements of the dancer. The dancer can respond to the agents movements or begin a new movement motif which the agent will gain use as the seed for its own movement creation. The emergent dance behaviour of the agent is due entirely to the learning process of its artificial […]

Grevillea Crystalis Incarnadine is part of the performance Emergence. A performing agent (red avatar) follows Steph (white avatar) as she dances live, matching what she performs with the closest movement from what it has learnt from rehearsing with her. The agent can use a humanoid body or it can visualise the difference between its movement and Steph’s as a new type of flora. The differences between their joint positions and […]

The dance version of Recognition is part of the performance Emergence. Steph and the performing agent dance together but independently. The agent has learnt to dance from Steph. When Steph is onstage dancing, the morphing form uses her movement data to animate itself. When she leaves the stage the morphing form uses the agents movement. Together Steph and the agent provide a continuous stream of movement data for the morphing […]

Verbose Mode by John McCormick with Steph Hutchison. Part of the performance Emergence. A performing software agent has learnt to recognise some short dance phrases performed by Steph. When it recognises the phrases it responds with commentary on Steph’s performance. Performed at Motion.lab, Deakin University Melbourne. Supported by Motion.lab and Centre for Intelligent Systems Research.

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